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I saw you, Mr.Herobrine...

You can't escape me.
Good video, My friend... Scary endermen...

It doesn't loop...Its just VERY long...

You can tell by the background

I agree with everything thats in this video

But You Just made it Plain Halarious

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Excellent Skin Tool! I use it all the time!

I'm still kinda spooked for some reason by "Pokeball" Otherwise, Great game!

PuffballsUnited responds:

Just hope you never meet Missingno in real life.. Seriously...

Hmmm.....the achievements look like a.....

Giraffe?....No....I'm CONFIDENT that it's a potato....Or maybe its a giraffe...Nah....Potato...

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I remember listening to this often back in 2009, I'm so glad I was able to find it again. Amazing job, and it loops so well.

BinaryGuy responds:

Wow, A new review.
It's been so long. Thanks for leaving a review!
I'm glad a made a memory for someone. Sometimes I hear a NG song on my iPod and wonder where those artists ended up. All the early animators like egoraptor, oney, stamper, etc. etc. they're all hanging out in LA doing stuff. It always upset me a bit how audio portal artists never really had a limelight like they did.
But tucked away on some iPod is some NG music that someone remembers. despite all the MB and MB of audio that gets lost on the portal. It's good to know that the small amount of work I put into these audio files is still hitting home with some people.
Thanks for leaving your review!

Now when I hear it.... It reminds me of something.

Yoshi's Island... Now that I hear it... Nintendo must have not realized it.

Good stuff.

I can hear the lyrics even though their not in the song

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I bet the magic for this "Guy?" Attracts enemies..

And acts like allies...for a short period of time....more magic...more time.....But thats only a theory....Halarious though

The G-man is found in Water Hazard when getting to

Black Mesa use Aux Zoom to see him dont think about getting to him he'll teleport out many have tried all have failed



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